Hindsight is a wonderful thing, however, making the most knowledgeable and well-informed decision in the first place is by far a more preferable option.

With decades of experience and industry knowledge behind us, we save our clients time and money from the offset, whilst minimising potential risk and increasing profitability.

Before making your new development decisions, talk to our team of consultants who will provide you with honest, impartial and informed advice on your project’s viability.

Development Consultancy Services

With an in-depth understanding of our local area’s housing, planning and development requirements, our specialist Land and New Homes consultants help landowners and developers identify and capitalise on development opportunities.

Our expertise in planning, design and marketing helps our clients deliver much sought-after new homes that complement the local housing market and demand.

Utilising accurate and detailed feasibility studies and appraisals, Greyfox takes the guesswork out of moving forward with all sizes of projects, from large major construction sites to small individual developments.

Our Land and New Homes consultants are here to help you with:

  • Accurate Market Pricing
  • In-Depth Market Research
  • Planning Advice
  • Concept Analysis
  • Scheme Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Land Acquisitions
  • New Home Sales
  • And more.....

Want to know if your project has potential or need help getting it off the ground? Maybe you just want to find out more about how we can help you?

Get in touch to arrange a consultation with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Land and New Homes experts, TODAY!

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