Does my land have development potential?

Development land comes in many shapes, sizes and classifications, and subject to location and local planning policies, can be a highly sought after and valuable commodity.

Accurate valuations are the only way to be sure you are selling at the best market price according to your level of planning consent.

Greyfox land agents can help you achieve this, as well as proactively identifying and maximising your development site's full potential.

As your local Land and New Homes specialist, we stay up to date with local land development and planning authority policies, so we can offer sound and well-informed advice on your land’s value and possible development opportunities.

We are sensitive to the needs of those thinking of selling land in close proximity to their homes and neighbours. So, we work in partnership with landowners, carrying out community consultations when necessary to alleviate concerns, and clearly explaining the process to help you achieve the level of planning consent you require to secure a sale.

What part does planning play in the sale of land?

Land tends to be offered in one of three ways and these can significantly impact its value.

You can sell your land at any one of these stages of the planning process, including:

  • With planning consent.
  • Without planning consent.
  • Subject to planning consent.

Our planning experts can help you gain the level of consent you need to achieve the sale price you desire.

When a piece of land is sold subject to planning, the interested buyer will agree to buy the site and exchange contracts as long as they are able to secure the planning consent they need to develop on the land. (This agreement will be covered by what is known as either an option or conditional contract). In this scenario, it becomes the buyer’s responsibility to submit the planning application at their own cost and when/or crucially if the planning consent is granted the sale will be completed.

Selling a site in this manner has potential risks and can be protracted a lengthy process, however, it is by no means insurmountable and we can provide buyers with a range of services that can help them achieve the permissions they require.

The planning and sale processes can seem daunting and over complicated but our Greyfox team of land experts can help you negotiate your way through them with ease, so you can be sure that you are achieving the best possible price for your land in the shortest possible time.

Want to find out if your land has potential?

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