Reassessing your land?

June, 2020

You’ll be looking for clarity on what your plot is worth and you may have questions about planning, developing or selling. At Greyfox Land and New Homes, we can give you the answers you need. We have access to exclusive land data and technology, and we’ve created a way of working that’s fully in-line with government coronavirus guidelines to provide you with the most accurate information possible. We can appraise every square foot of your land using video cameras, and safe site visits, and analyse our live database for relevant local planning applications. We’ll also assess the latest market data and consult our national network of active and passive buyers. Putting your safety first, If a personal visit is required, we’ll give you plenty of notice and share some guidance with you on what to expect. Naturally, we’ll be equipped with the relevant protective equipment and we’ll thoroughly sanitise any contact areas such as door handles as we go.


Staying in touch 

We’ll communicate with you in the way that suits you, and the conversation, best. All our team are equipped with Zoom for video conferencing, WhatsApp for video calls, email and of course, the telephone. There’s no obligation. And we won’t charge you for this initial evaluation. But if you do choose to explore your options with us further, you’ll be reassured to know that we’ve been in contact with the developers, housebuilders and suppliers that we work with and all of us are committed to doing whatever it takes to provide a safe, trusted and seamless service. So if you’re seriously considering your options or just need to know what your land’s worth, we’re here to help.


Land expert or just another agent?

Ever wondered why it pays to speak to an estate agency with a dedicated land and new homes department (like us!)? Here are ten valuable differences.

1. We’ll secure you a better price.

Because we deal with developers and housebuilders every day, we talk their language and understand their needs. We also understand the various stages of the planning process and how each can have a huge impact on your returns.

2. Outstanding sales skills.

Selling property and selling land are two very different skills. We excel at land negotiations (and if you also need our property team we’ll be happy to introduce you)

3. We probably already know your buyer

Thanks to our network of housebuilder and new homes contacts, it’s very likely that we already know who would be interested in hearing about your land’s potential.

4. We know the right price

Our team knows how to value land accurately thanks to exclusive access to the leading land insight technology and local sales data.

5. Land deals are our sole focus

Our dedicated land and new homes team only specialises in… land and new homes! This is what we have been doing for many years and our experience will secure you the best possible returns.

6) We’re nationally connected

As members of the Land & New Homes Network, we have a nationwide database of experts including planners, architects, and of course, property developers and housebuilders.

7. We collaborate to get the best results

Our work involves working with all our external partners to get the best results for our clients. Whatever challenges or opportunities come our way, we can take care of them for you.

8. Planning isn’t a problem

Our longstanding experience in this area means that we know how to get planning applications approved.

9. Your options are covered

Your site may well appeal to developers that are looking to sell and/or let the properties. We have partners in those other areas of our business who will be happy to help us put together a compelling sales package.

10. Your needs are our priority

We’ve built our business on getting you the best possible deal for your land. And that’s what drives us. 

Your free appraisal 

Whatever the size of your plot, we would love to talk to you about your land and give you the benefit of our experience. We’ve made it our business to speak to landowners on a no obligation basis and if our conversation can give you the insight you need to take your thoughts to the next level, we’re happy to be of service.

Naturally, all our contact will be in line with government safety guidelines and you can speak to us in confidence about your plans. Let’s have a conversation and look at your options.