Take another look at your outdoor asset?

June, 2020

We help scores of homeowners do just this in all sorts of innovative and sensitive ways – with amazing, attractive results. Plus, selling a section of the land that your property sits on can often free- up a life changing sum.

Too small?

You may not be aware that, if your plot’s too small, you can get together with one or more neighbours and create what’s known as a ‘land assembly’ and, typically, the bigger the site, the more appealing it will be to developers.

Your garden development checklist:

  • You must own the freehold

  • Conservation areas can present challenges in some instances

  • If the garden is large enough, listed building status may not be an issue

  • Corner sites are particularly sought after

  • Is access difficult to envision? We can often suggest new solutions

  • Large trees often add to a site’s appeal

  • It’s the planners, not your neighbours, who will decide

  • Check your local plan for valuable insight

    If this is something you’re curious about, we can provide you with a completely safe, socially distant, no obligation consultation that includes a valuation based on the land as it stands today - and what the development could be worth tomorrow.